Fisher Associates is a boutique executive search firm with proven success finding talented leaders for organizations that strive to make the world a better place. We have several decades of experience  conducting searches and placing executive- and senior-level talent with clients in the social, private, and public sectors. 



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Finding Leaders with Purpose is what makes us tick. 

Lisa Fisher, Principal 

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Finding Leaders with Purpose

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We are committed to excellence in our care for clients and candidates, search execution and delivery, and executive placements.


We are keenly aware that our client’s future and ability to make a meaningful impact hinges on having the right talent, and these are responsibilities that we fervently embrace and strive to fulfill.


We are intentional, innovative, inclusive, and embody authenticity and integrity in our approach to finding exceptional leaders. We have a vested interest in our clients and will always do our best to help ensure their success and long-term viability.

We are dedicated to being of service and supporting our clients in their quest to hire exceptional leaders. We do our best work when we are aligned with and share a sincere connection to the client’s mission and values. We are passionate and deliberate about partnering with clients that are committed to making a positive difference in society.




In 2011, Lisa formed Fisher Associates to provide client-centered executive search consulting services to mission-driven organizations. She has successfully led searches for healthcare, education, community economic development, philanthropy, and policy research organizations and placed chief executive officers, chief operating officers, chief development and philanthropy officers, chief marketing and communications officers, and chief financial officers, as well as other executive and senior functional leaders. 

Lisa has also served in and partnered with several boutique and start-up executive search firms, where she led searches for private and social sector healthcare, education, food, agriculture and life sciences, financial services, technology services, and industrial organizations.


Lisa launched her executive search career at Heidrick & Struggles, where she served as a principal in the Washington, DC office and as a member of the Global Financial Services and Diversity Services practices after working in the financial services industry.


Lisa also served as senior advisor to the chair of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). She helped launch and lead the Freedom to Compete Initiative, an education, and outreach program designed to help proactively prevent discrimination in the workplace and create a fair and level playing field for all workers regardless of race, gender, national origin, age, or disability.


Lisa holds a bachelor's degree in communications from Howard University.


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Lisa Fisher

Lisa Fisher has over thirty years of experience leading executive search engagements for clients across sectors, functions and geographies.

Lisa is passionate about helping organizations, people, and communities realize their full potential and she is deeply committed to creating a diverse and inclusive, socially and economically just society that works for all. 

Jeri Flood 

Heads business development, communication, and research for Fisher Associates.

Jeri brings broad experience from a range of industries including hospitality, healthcare, education and executive search.   She began her career as a marketer with Marriott International in the Washington, D.C. area.  She joined the company as a market analyst and grew to become a Vice President of Marketing within the company's lodging division.

Jeri later became an independent marketing consultant.  Her clients were largely healthcare organizations in need of expertise to brand their medical practices and convey their capabilities to the marketplace.  Jeri expanded her consulting practice to include executive search research.

Jeri has been of service as a board member and board chair for a K-12 independent college preparatory school and as an alumni committee chair for Georgetown University’s Office of Admissions.

Jeri has a Master of Business Administration from Georgetown University and an undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

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Our Approach

We fully understand that the hiring of a new executive will set in motion a series of related events, decisions, directives, actions, and reactions that will build upon one another for many years.  Our approach to every search engagement is responsive, client-centric, creative, and solutions- and outcomes-driven.  We will objectively assess each client's spoken and unspoken requirements and then identify, gain access to, and attract the most talented leaders who possess the experience and qualifications best suited to fulfill the needs of the organization.  We serve as a thoughtful and collaborative search partner, and engage in a high level of consultation and communication while following a sequence of steps to assure a timely and successful outcome.

The Steps

Understand Your Needs

We will meet with members of your organization and other relevant stakeholders to learn about your objectives, goals, challenges, opportunities, structure, people, and culture.  

Develop the Position Profile and Search Strategy

After understanding your needs and specific requirements, we will craft a nuanced and detailed position profile, outlining the requisite professional experiences, skills, competencies, and personal characteristics you are seeking in the new executive. 

Identify and Engage Candidates

We will develop research strategies tailored to your needs, identifying organizations to explore and individuals to pursue as potential candidates and referral sources, and then actively engage in market outreach and candidate development activities.

Calibrate Search

Within two to three weeks of launching the search, we will begin having bi-weekly search status calls with you.  We provide a Candidate Status Report in advance that gives an overview of each prospective candidate’s background and our initial assessment of their skills and qualifications. We will also share any marketplace intelligence gathered during our outreach efforts and adjust the search strategy and tactics as appropriate.

Assess and Present Candidates

We will conduct in-depth interviews with the individuals whose candidacy you are interested in having us explore further and develop a written assessment for each candidate deemed appropriate for further consideration.


We are highly skilled at competency-based assessments and identifying the behavioral characteristics that impact a candidate’s ability to be successful in the position and to be a fit for the client's culture.  Our extensive experience conducting searches across sectors, functions, geographies, and organizational cultures, provides additional insight about what makes a leader successful and impactful.

Facilitate Client-Candidate Interviews

We will facilitate a robust discussion about the relative merits and areas of the professional development of each candidate. We would then counsel you on the selection of a slate of the most qualified candidates to be interviewed by your organization.

Conduct Reference Checks
Facilitate/Negotiate Offer

After identifying a finalist or finalist candidates, we will conduct thorough and detailed reference checks with referees having direct knowledge and insight regarding the candidate’s skills, abilities, accomplishments, areas for professional development, and personal characteristics. We will also probe areas of specific interest or concerns that arise from the various discussions. We can also facilitate any additional background checks of the selected candidate(s) if desired. Our findings will be presented in a written reference report.


A skilled and insightful approach to closing a search can make all the difference. We will provide input on the candidate’s current and desired compensation to assist you in formulating a compelling offer. Since we will be investing in the relationship with the chosen candidate through every step of the search process, we can provide significant value as the intermediary between the successful candidate and your organization to work through the delicate issues related to the compensation package and other factors. Our goal is to create a win-win outcome for you and your candidate of choice.  

Executive Coaching 
& Transition


We have proven success at finding talented leaders for organizations that strive to make the world a better place. Our expertise is built on several decades of experience conducting searches and placing executive- and senior-level talent with clients in the social, private, and public sectors.  For additional information about Fisher Associates please contact us












Fisher Associates Team 

Lisa Fisher, Principal




Jeri Flood, Head of Business Development




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